Flavor of the Month

If I hear one more time that Cel (aka palatank) needs to drop Engineering and Mining for the FOTM professions of JC/BS/Enchanting, I think I'm gonna punch a baby.

Yes, I can get more stam, more sockets, etc. with the FOTM.

But I powerleveled Engineering before it was useful and somewhat cool. I was 375 Engineering by God, and I was proud of it! Needed a Stabilized Eternium Scope made? I got it. Need a Mechanical Squirrel to follow you around? I got that too. And for hunters, I got your bullets and arrows until you got enough rep with The Violet Eye to get your epic bullets and arrows.

I got bombs for AoE packs, I got a 23 Agility cloak enchant, I have armor for gloves, and I have things that I can attach to my belt that can confuse mechanicals, or maybe some more bombs.

It may not be 300 more hitpoints. It may not be more AP on the rings. It may not be extra sockets I'm just going to stuff more stam gems in.

But Engineering is the profession that I like.

And I'm keeping it.

You can blow your gold on powerleveling the FOTM professions. I'm gonna be the one back here, tankin' your shit, and then making you a chopper afterwords.

Back off, or the baby gets it.

Oh yeah, and sorry about the Potsus Interruptus. ToC is kicking my ass. :)

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