Flavor of the Month

If I hear one more time that Cel (aka palatank) needs to drop Engineering and Mining for the FOTM professions of JC/BS/Enchanting, I think I'm gonna punch a baby.

Yes, I can get more stam, more sockets, etc. with the FOTM.

But I powerleveled Engineering before it was useful and somewhat cool. I was 375 Engineering by God, and I was proud of it! Needed a Stabilized Eternium Scope made? I got it. Need a Mechanical Squirrel to follow you around? I got that too. And for hunters, I got your bullets and arrows until you got enough rep with The Violet Eye to get your epic bullets and arrows.

I got bombs for AoE packs, I got a 23 Agility cloak enchant, I have armor for gloves, and I have things that I can attach to my belt that can confuse mechanicals, or maybe some more bombs.

It may not be 300 more hitpoints. It may not be more AP on the rings. It may not be extra sockets I'm just going to stuff more stam gems in.

But Engineering is the profession that I like.

And I'm keeping it.

You can blow your gold on powerleveling the FOTM professions. I'm gonna be the one back here, tankin' your shit, and then making you a chopper afterwords.

Back off, or the baby gets it.

Oh yeah, and sorry about the Potsus Interruptus. ToC is kicking my ass. :)


Still managing to heal.

Even when people insist on standing in fire bombs and green clouds. (Those two things have been universally known to be BAD since, I dunno... Scholo and BRD?)

Just sayin'.

And I'm enjoying the irony of Blizzard finally putting in some cloth gear without spirit on it, but putting hit on it instead. So now I'm wondering if I'm going to be hit capped while healing. (I'm already at 63 thanks to Icewalker on my boots and Cord of Biting Cold.)

And since BlizzCon, I know I'm going to be stacking spirit gear (gr) again, since spirit is going to be the 'healing' stat, I guess. Either that or Int. One of the two. Still it would be funny if holy paladins were suddenly craving spirit gear.



So with my recent blathering about UIs and mods, I figured I should at least show off my UI.



So what is all this crap anyhow?

Starting from the top:

NinjaPanel (and its various LDB plugins of course)
Satrina's Buff Frames
ButtonFacade/ButtonFacade: Elegance
oUF/oUF_Lyn [modified heavily to where it's a Lyn base, but bastardized by me.] (with support for Debuff Highlighting, Banzai, BarFader, HealComm, and PowerSpark.)

QBar/QBar Button Facade
oRA2 (MT Frames)
nClock (not released by the author for some time)

There ya go, the method behind the madness. :)

Mods, mods, mods, but what to do with all these mods?!

So Ghostcrawler asked:

What would the default WoW UI need to do to convince you not to install a mod?" (Source)

My simplest answer is "Absolutely nothing."

I refuse (yes, that's right) refuse to heal using the default UI unless something drastic has happened and it's completely unavoidable. And even then, I might just turn on friendly nameplates and heal from there. Why, you may ask, why do you refuse to use something that is useful and simple and doesn't require updating/stressing on patch day/what have you?


It's down right ugly.

Yup, I said it. It's ugly as sin.

It's also cumbersome and not very healer friendly. Remember my post a few days ago about DPS having it easy when it comes to UI compilations? To me, that is what the default UFs are like. There is no defeict health (big question - Penance, flash heal or should I start winding up that greater heal?) or a percentage, doesn't tell me if they have Weakened Soul or Grace or 3 Lifeblooms or Morning Fresh Bacon of Light (tm) or a Renew or Ancestral Fortitude... Oh yeah, and let's not forget the utter LACK of debuff highlighting or range checking or even VisualHeal-effects letting me know that a DPSer or a healer is getting taken care of by another healer. Oh yes, please. Let me waste my mana a bit more, thanks.

And then there's the *shudder* default Blizzard Texture. Did they give the job of all the textures to a 3rd grader with no photoshop skills? (And even still I maintain that a 3rd grader could have done a better job.) That's also what kills me when I see people posting UIs with fresh-out-of-the-box PitBull or ag_UF. The dreaded Default Blizzard Texture. There's a reason SharedMedia is out there! People have done a better job than what Blizzard did! (I myself prefer the flat tones of Smoothv2 (using now) or Flat.)

Aggro coloring. I can tell instantly when a DPSer wants to wipe the raid. Blizzard doesn't seem to want us to know who has aggro if we're in a tank-swapping kind of fight. (Bloodboil is the biggest one in mind here - though Patchwerk is always fun when he swaps tanks right in the middle of things because the OT just became the MT due to dumping a ton of rage.)

What else do I hate about the standard UI?

Positioning. It's all about the placement, people. I should not have to throw my eyes up to the top left hand corner of the screen to check on my own health when I've been staring at the bottom half of my screen. My UFs sit just below center, raid/party frames underneath them, pet/focus to the sides of player/target, and the at the bottom, my actionbars. I only show my longer cooldowns/potions/food, with my shorter raid (aka healing) cooldowns displayed in a frame right about my UF. It's compact, condensed, and most of all, it works for me. (Sorry Grid fans, stopped using that in BC when it broke for a while, started using PitBull and then oUF's raid frames.)

Keybindings/Mouseovers! Clique was a godsend, I tell you. As was me finding mBindings, giving me the ability to bind directly out of the spellbook.

Gief me colorz! Yeah, that's right - I like my UFs grayscaled... but the names to be class colored. Too much green on the default UI.

Shapes - The rectangles grow on you, they really do.

There's also a few other twitches I have about the default UI, but those are my main ones.


Interesting things to do on a Priest when one gets bored to tears..

1. Become a melee priest.


Yeah. Bored. Massively Bored.


Part Duex: The addon monger and healers

I'm an addon addict.

I admit it.

I actually kind of revel in it.

But honestly... DPS doesn't know how damn good they have things. They don't have the entire raid spread out marching across the lower center of the screen, taking up so much freaking room, and they can actually USE a lot of really neat compilations without heavy modification. They don't have to find a spot for grid/ouf/pitbull/insert raid frame mod of choice here. They can hide all of the raid unit frames, leaving just themselves and a target!

But ah, the healers. We must find a spot for grid/ouf/pitbull/insert raid frame mod of choice here. We have to know when shadowfiend/divine plea/mana tide/innervate/etc are coming off of cooldown. We need to know if the tank has a Weakened Soul debuff. We need to know what buffs people have and don't have, for that matter. Visual Heal bars are a godsend, truly. That is the one mod I start twitching if I don't have. Well, that and I've been using oUF for quite a while now.

Where's our cool as heck interfaces that we don't have to play an hour with just to get it functional for healing? (No I'm not kidding.) The ones that can... ahem... artistically display our raid frames of choice, along with knowing our cooldowns, and still look good doing it.

Ah well, to keep searching WoWAce/EJ for various inspiration and keep on rolling my eyes at every Rogue/Mage/Death Knight/Hunter token that just dropped... AGAIN. (Serious, 2x on the helms? Lovely. Thaddius was, and pretty much has been the only dropper of Conqueror. 2x legs tonight... too bad both rotted.) Oh yeah... and to wish that I could find that nice inspiration to make a UI that's both pretty to look at... but still functional.



Yes, first post. Huzzah, all that.

Let's get going shall we?

What you will find in here:

Various class musings.
Like priests.
And paladins.
And hunters with their pets.
And shamans with totems.
And maybe some rogue backstabbing, death knight jabber, and if you're really lucky, some baby warrior rages.
But probably mostly priests.
Gear rantings selections.
Light (very light) theorycrafting.

What you're not going to find here:

Heavy EJ-style theorycrafting. I'll leave that up to the pros, thanks.

A little about the trained monkey blogger:

A mainly PvE-oriented Disc Priest with bunches of alts that are slowly getting leveled to 80. Serious raiding ranks as fun while dailies fall into the booooooring category. Said blogger would rather tear hair out than do another Sons of Hodir quest.